My name is Ben Moll. Born 1979 in Germany, I am currently working as Senior Art Director and Senior Online Marketing Manager at bwave as well as Senior SEM/SEA Manager at cyberpromote.
My work is my passion so, work is no burden for me at all. I love the things I do, I am a passionate designer, love simplicity, Swiss typography, illustration and tweaking websites to rank among the highest in Google and other search engines.

As a Senior SEM/SEA Manager at cyberpromote, I am able to improve my skills even further, especially in the responsibility of caring for huge marketing budgets of several national and international companies and Google AdWords accounts of our clients.

Want to know more? I'm a Mac user, have a great passion for photography and architecture and I am searching for a company in the US that I can permanently work for.

Ben Moll from bwave bwave (ben moll) in the office